Chemical Analysis

Sharp & Howells Pty Ltd’s areas of chemical analysis and testing expertise covers:

  • NATA accredited testing and analysis (see our scope of accreditation for more details)
  • Building and Construction: Compliancy testing
  • Materials analysis & testing:
  • Chemical Analysis: all types of analytical tests including titrations and classical chemistry
  • Forensic Analysis: Where test results may be given as evidence
  • Environmental: Air Monitoring/Water /Soil /Trade Wastes/Contaminated Land and Water assessments
  • Health & Safety: Chemical Consulting and Advisory Service
  • Product Testing
  • Air Monitoring
  • Chemical Toxicity Consulting
  • Chemical Incidents: Emergency Response & Chemical Handling Advice
  • Contamination Testing
  • Gas Leakage Monitoring
  • Dangerous Goods testing: Explosives & Flammables Testing and Identification
  • Asbestos Identification
  • Petroleum and Chemical testing: Oil Analysis, Solvents, Refrigerants, Halons and Hydrocarbon Testing
  • Foods and Beverages- analysis and contamination
  • Poisons Detection
  • Fibres and Textiles
  • Detergents and Surfactants
  • Polymers and Plastics
  • Paints & Sealants
  • Drugs & Alcohol (Including synthetic cannabinoids)
  • AQIS and regulatory testing
  • Formulations- Reverse Engineering
  • Patent assessments
  • Foreign Substances-identification and advice
  • Chemical Preparations- Specialty chemicals to order
  • Legal and Insurance chemical based matters
  • VCAT Tribunal expert reports
  • Court Attendance - Expert Witness evidence

Australian Standards, ASTM, British Standards, ISO Standards, In-House analytical methods developed

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