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London Building Fire

Recent Projects: London Building Fire- Identification of High Rise Cladding Fire Risks

Channel 10 News- February 2017- Forensic Investigation into murder

SBS News- November 2016- Expose of illicit drug importations as “herbal” remedies

On- Site Drug Testing Now a Reality

Drug Testing at Music Festivals and Events – Handheld drug analysis unit is available for use at festivals and events at very reasonable rates

On-Site Asbestos testing now a Reality- Asbestos fibre identification can now be done on site using our new handheld asbestos analysis unit

E-Cigarette fluid analysis- the full identification of E fluids has now been conducted by Sharp and Howells

Historic Mortar from the 1850’s- is it really Cement based?

New drugs hit the market- Sharp & Howells first laboratory to identify them

Silicone sealants- comparison of new products Paint Formulation gone wrong- a house full of sick people due to exposures to toxic paints?

Marine Ply- is it real or fake?

Swanson St Brick Wall collapse- the latest findings

Herbal remedies- real or fake?